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Cupboards, Drawers, Shelving, Storage

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, including Kitchen Cabinets in your plans will instantly transform your home’s interior design. They’re a clever way to make use of existing rooms, such as under your counter and stove, or to be mounted on walls, rather than being used as a separate cabinet.
Kitchen cabinets that are poorly built and installed, on the other hand, can transform your kitchen renovation project into a complete disaster. With the assistance of Bunbury Kitchen Renovation, you can upgrade your kitchen today

You’re Trusted Professionals

Bunbury Kitchen Renovations provides high-quality customised kitchen cabinets that are both functional and practical. They strive to provide each customer with a complete kitchen renovation service that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Along with their specialist contractors, they manufacture and specialise in the construction of all types of kitchen cabinets. Their kitchen cabinets are made of high-quality materials and come in a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary, to suit your lifestyle and budget. Ready to start planning your new kitchen cabinets? Consider the following designs and features of kitchen cabinets that are indicated below.

Designs and Features of Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cupboard is all you need if you want to store stuff in your kitchen. It is typically referred to as Kitchen cabinets with frames and doors and it is usually made of solid or hardwoods, fibreboards, particle boards, or plywood, and has a surface coating finish. Experts will design, measure, and install melamine cupboards in a variety of styles and finishes.

You can rest assured that you will receive high quality customised cupboard solutions and installation services directly to your home.

Features of Kitchen Cupboards

  • No painting or staining is needed.
  • Combination of a long-lasting coating and high-quality materials
  • Heat, moisture, and stain resistance
  • Laminated melamine cabinets

Kitchen Drawers

To keep your kitchen supplies more organized, most kitchen cabinets have drawers. Drawers in the base or top of the kitchen cabinet make the most of the available space and are suitable for storing cookware, pans, utensils, and other kitchen wares.

Bunbury Kitchen Renovation offers reliable, high-quality, and affordable drawers for fast and efficient installation service. For your kitchen cabinet designs, they provide various drawer configurations, such as a three-drawer stack with a small top drawer or two large lower drawers, as well as soft close drawers. Their services are provided by highly skilled professionals who use high-quality techniques and specialized equipment. They’ll assist you in designing and planning your custom drawers, as well as in deciding where to place them. Kitchen drawers can be made of solid wood or hardwood to withstand damage or MDF with vinyl covering.

Bunbury Kitchen Renovations will provide you with a full kitchen drawer installation and kitchen remodel that is suited to your needs.

Features of Kitchen Drawers

  • Maximum number of available spaces
  • It is ideal for massive kitchen wares
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Place everything in a safe place.

Kitchen Shelving

Add kitchen shelves to your kitchen renovation projects to create more open space. Open shelves are ideal for mugs, pots, bowls, and other everyday necessities. Bunbury Kitchen Renovation provides custom design shelving as well as fabrication and installation of shelves in your preferred materials and finishes. From fixed bracket shelves to corner shelves, they offer a wide range of shelving solutions made from Australian standard materials.

Professional shelving installers in Bunbury can securely install your shelving and ensure that it supports weight by using appropriate techniques and tools. Kitchen shelving can be a good option if you want a built-in and well-organized kitchen.

Features of Kitchen Shelving

  • Boost the storage capacity
  • Flexible and well-oraganized
  • Cost-effective
  • It appears to be accessible and spacious.

Kitchen Storage

It is one of the necessary things you’ll need to install to keep everything organized. To maximize space and ensure that the design of your new kitchen is effective, you’ll need versatile storage. Custom pantries, corner cabinets, multipurpose drawers, and other storage solutions are all possible through Bunbury Kitchen Renovations. They design and construct efficient kitchen storage or pantries, drawers, and adjustable shelves made of durable materials.

Bunbury Kitchen Renovation’s skilled experts will collaborate with you to develop the ideal storage solution that fits your lifestyle.

Features of Kitchen Storage

  • It’s perfect for storing food and other stuff
  • Enhance the accessibility of the space
  • Functional and well-ordered.
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